Sunday, August 28, 2016

Father Abraham

Do you remember the silly children's song about Father Abraham where, one verse at a time, you add different motions to do.  You add them one at a time... but you still have to do all the previous motions as well, so by the end you're waving your right arm, left arm, right foot, left foot, nodding your head, twirling your hips, and sticking your tongue out all at the same time.  Children have a ball with it, and everyone looks completely silly and the song eventually dissolves into massive fits of giggles.

I feel like ever since Hubby and I returned from our summer travels, we have been singing Father Abraham in that every week we had added one new thing.

We have the twins eating solid foods,
We have Hubby working on grad school, with finishing his degree in sight,
We have Tracey potty-training,
We have Tracey coming off her passie -- slowly but surely,
We have Hubby back to work,
We Mama attending morning workouts four mornings each week,
We have a nanny coming to our home one day each week to watch all three kids,
We have Mama back to work working from home,
We have Mama back to work working away from home and seeing students in the schools,
We have the beginning of fall sports season, which brings its own set of season responsibilities to my hubby, the athletic director,
We have Tracey attending preschool,
We have my teaching a college class at the community college...

Have I left anything out?  Probably.
Like our usual routines and responsibilities -- laundry, dishes, cooking, outings, discipline, child-rearing, patience, tidying the house, nurturing our marriage and more.

So, pretty much each week we have added one more of the above events while maintaining the previous activities begun before.  This coming week is the final add-on.  This week, Tracey starts preschool and I teach at the college -- in addition to all our other "normal" activities.

I will be honest, I'm pretty nervous.

We are stretched pretty thin at the moment, and I will admit to being more than mildly tired -- Hubby is too.  But, our minds and bodys are capable of a lot... so next week, we add a little more to our plate.

We have to maintain this for a few months... and then we begin dropping activities as fall sports season ends, Hubby completes graduate school (what an amazing day that will be!), and as our work lives become more routine.

That being said, please keep us in prayer this week.

This is one of those situations where I find myself thanking God so much for these amazing blessings and for providing us such an amazingly full life... while also wanting to pray that He not make it any more full because I'm not sure how many more blessings and activities I can take... -- I'm of course joking... mostly.

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