Wednesday, August 10, 2016

County Fair Parade

This past week the Garfield County Fair took place, and we really did not participate at all.  They had 4-H competitions, rodeos, concerts, bake-offs and more but we just have so much going on this time of year especially with Hubby's home stretch of graduate school.

The one thing we did make time for, and had an absolute blast was the County Fair Parade.

We have been to the Homecoming parade in the past and it is fun, but small.  But based on my experience with the Homecoming parades, I had very low expectations for this Fair Parade -- but it was AWESOME!

Tracey was at the perfect age to be entertained by the parade and have a blast, and the twins were at the perfect age to eagerly observe everything from the stroller.  By the end of the parade, both babies had fallen asleep and Tracey was walking up to strangers asking for Candy Please -- because so many people had handed out candy during the parade.

Here were some pictures I snapped of our fun:


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