Monday, August 29, 2016


Since having twins, I have come to make some friends around here who also have twins.  There are two other moms who each have one toddler a few months older than Tracey, and then twins within a few weeks of when we had our babies.

I don't get to see these moms often, but we cross paths from time to time, I see them on social media, we exchange texts, and I know they're out there living the same life I am -- or their own version of crazy.

One such friend recently attended a wedding in Minnesota, so she and her family swung by the Minnesota State Fair for some fun.  They took some really funny pictures while they were there, which are near and dear to my heart for several reasons:

1. I have been to the Minnesota State Fair -- and -- it is AWESOME!  It is huge, it is full of fun, food, animals, vegetables and unique booths.  It is a dream of mine to go back with my family someday.
2. I am still nursing my twins -- and I've done so in a variety of places -- when the babies are hungry, I've had to be ready to nurse.  Frankly, I haven't had the guts to nurse many places in public -- I just make sure I can get to my car or to a private room in time to feed.


But these pictures have been making me laugh for days...

 Have an awesome Monday.

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