Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pinnacle Peak

Dinner at Pinnacle Peak Patio Brewery and Steakhouse - where ties go to die.

Below is my face that says, "We're seven minutes late and Chris is insisting that we stop and take a picture in the parking lot... but we're seven minutes late and I can't really fully smile... because we're seven minutes late."
So, this old western brewery and steakhouse didn't want city slickers to come to dinner back in the day wearing neck-ties. The first man who wore a tie was greeted at the door and told that he had a choice - he could remove the tie himself, or management would cut it off his neck. He said if they cut off his tie, they had better display it. So began the custom to cut off neck-ties and hang them throughout the restaurant.
Over a thousand ties now hang throughout the restaurant.
There was a snake in this restaurant. I had serious issues with this... but Chris took a picture.
We met my old friend and roommate from when I studied abroad in Rome, Christina and it was SO good to see her. She and I were strangers until we roomed together in Rome and we became really good friends during our four months studying there. I have not seen her since our study-abroad experience ended in December 2004. In this picture, we're standing with former President Bush and Senator McCain when they ate at Pinnacle Peak - without neckties.
Can you see all the neck-ties behind us?

Christina and I thought they should hang neck-ties as tails of the animal-behinds painted on the bathroom stalls. Seriously, what animals are these supposed to be without any tails?
Chris couldn't leave without riding the pony for a penny.
So I took a ride too.

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  1. Hi!
    I stumbled upon your site searching for ties. I'm a big fan of ties in general and really like the idea of a restaurant that cuts them off for fun and ambiance. Thanks for posting about this place. I hope to visit there someday.
    Did you like the food??

  2. Hey Rob -
    That's really funny how you stumbled on my blog. The food was great - probably a bad option for a vegetarian but I thought it was great. I don't know that I'll be writing about ties with any regularity, but I hope you visit again.
    - Brooke


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