Monday, April 5, 2010

Lake Powell Daytime Adventures

Adventures at Lake Powell after a night of 20* tent-camping... Bring It On!

This is a view of the Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell

Aren't these lines awesome in the sandstone?!?!

Fun picture! This picture probably captures the essence of this Spring Break trip for me!

So... this is Chris along the cliffs by Glen Canyon... quite the story transpires between Chris and these cliffs:

"That's not too far... Man, I'd love to cliff-jump, but that water would be cold. But that's a do-able jump..."

"Yeah... that's a really do-able jump. Now, how far would I have to swim to shore? Hmmmmm."

"Well, I'll test the water first. That's the responsible thing to do. Wow! That is cold! That water is really cold."
"But I'm here... and I really want to cliff jump."


"That was fun... and cold!"
Chris had to swim about 200 yards in 50* water after making this jump.

He made it. He was red as a radish when he got out of the water and his first words were, "That was really stupid! Really fun, but really stupid!"

"Totally worth it! I got a great story out of it!"

"Brooke, I can see the spot of the cliff where I jumped! Awesome!"

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  1. Isn't Lake Powell gorgeous? We didn't spend much time there but drove by on our way to the Grand Canyon and was blown away by the clear water.

  2. You know, men just have to do it because it's there to do. I love it and probably would have taken pictures and blogged about it too, jumping in? No way, too chicken of heights!

    Please stop by my blog today to meet a blogger in need of help!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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