Monday, April 5, 2010

Camping at Lake Powell

Camping at Lake Powell. Nothing like pitching a tent, figuring out warm clothes/sleeping bags/layers/20* temperatures to make for a good time... or test a relationship. This was our tent. I would recommend tents from REI.

I was pretty bundled up complete with two gloves for the same hand (I'm both palms out in this picture) - and I got to wear the head lamp.

Yeah, I'm all bundled and Chris is in a tee-shirt and baseball cap.

A beautiful (and warm) fire.

Chris is organizing the tent.

This is the stove that boiled water that went in Nalgene bottles that laid at my feet and my torso that kept the girl warm in the 20* "camping" weather.

So this is what the campsite looks like in the light.

Packin' up!

We didn't actually eat any of this food, but I was impressed with the selection of food Chris brought, which we could have cooked, if we had wanted.

Nothing like a 20* night of camping to get ready for some Lake Powell adventures:

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