Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Mountain Classroom

From The Mountain Brooke comes The Mountain Classroom.

For my professional development class comes a blog about my "first year" teaching experiences. While I took my job last February, I am excited to log a full year in my school, in my position, and complete that renowned full "first year" of teaching.

This year I will be the director of a preschool in the mountains... with 30 children a day, nearly 40 children enrolled, 4 teaching assistants, a handful of special needs providers, and my position requiring a hat-rack to hold all the hats I am meant to wear... a year of learning and fun is certainly in store.

Feel free to visit this site, but please keep me in prayer as my world of blogging and my world of working sort of collide these next few months. Since I already had a blogging account, all of a sudden, people from work know I have a blog and can access it.

While The Mountain Brooke has been a place I've loved to keep friends and family abreast of my thoughts, heart and life events, it has not been shared with many people here in the mountains. My prayer remains the same, that God would be glorified through anything I would say or write, but this direct link is outside of my comfort zone.

Thank you for your prayers and remaining my safe corner despite converging worlds.

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