Wednesday, August 12, 2009


What encourages me, you ask?
  • A game of Bible Baffle trivia with new people, well on the road to becoming my friends - that feeling when I've found a new niche in the world and I'm about to belong...
  • Finishing teaching a six-week summer program for students with special needs, and at the end of the program a little girl, who wouldn't sit still at circle time, a little girl who averaged 3-6 tantrums a day the first week, now not only follows our routine to a "T", but also reminds other children to come to circle. In the end she would arrive at school each morning giving teachers big hugs and said, "Good Morning, Susannah" - her name is Susannah, but this is what she heard us say to her, so it is what she repeats back to us.
  • Falling into bed at the end of a day completely exhausted and completely happy - feeling like I would not have spent a moment of the day differently if given the chance
  • When my kitten, Lexie, runs to the door to greet me and meows until I pick her up, then her meows become purrrrs
  • The mountains of Colorado
  • God's Word, especially His Word in season
  • Stay-at-home wives and mothers
  • The middle and high school students who attend the youth group where I serve
  • Picking up with old friends or friends far away without missing a beat.
  • My parents - always encouragement or wisdom and sometimes both :)
  • Paul (my boyfriend in Nashville who makes an effort to encourage me everyday despite the distance and communication barriers)
This post is inspired (or encouraged) by the (In)Courage blog.

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  1. For me:

    Watching college football knowing that the reason I am welcome is not because of my knowledgeable commentary, but because my dear friends want to spend time with me.

    Playing my guitar when no one is around and feeling like my friends are with me.

    Reflecting on how my life has been impacted by the people God has placed in it.

    Reading posts on a friend's blog.

    <3 Nick

  2. Brooke, thanks for sharing what encourages you! It sounds like you're a wonderful encouragement to others in your life too.
    Holley - (in)courage


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