Friday, May 19, 2017

With Daddy

This weekend is a first for our family -- we are dividing up the children for the weekend and I will have Caroline and Hubby will have Tracey and Howard.

Now, we have divided up the little ones before -- Hubby took Tracey to St. Louis last February for a funeral, but we have never split up the twins, and I have never had only one child.

Last night, as I was getting everything in order for the trip, Hubby asked me if there was anything he could do to help me (a question that makes me fall more in love with him every time he asks me), and my response surprised me a little.  

I told him he would help me a great deal if he could just be in charge of anything Tracey and Howard will need for tomorrow.  I know that Tracey has to go to school, and Hubby will be spending the morning with Howard, and it will be a logistical challenge to get both children and proper clothing, backpacks, snacks, shoes, coats, and more out the door on time... when I take Tracey to school, I always do a lot of preparations the night before.  If anyone else were watching Howard and Caroline Friday morning, I would have EVERYTHING in order and clothes laid out and backup clothes laid out and detailed notes written in a notebook.  To be able to just ask Hubby to handle it, and have him say, "Sure.  No problem," took such a weight off my shoulders.

Will things run they way I run things Friday morning?
No they will not.
Will the kids get out of the house with everything I would bring on the Friday outing?
No they will not.
Will the crew get out to the door on time Friday morning?
Possible... but not very likely.
Will Hubby and Tracey and Howard be just fine for their Friday?
Without a doubt.

I have left several or all children or over night or longer more in the past three weeks than I had in the previous two years.  For each of my absences, I left a notebook full of information, copies of my notes with different parts highlighted for different caretakers, tupperware full of meals for the kids in the fridge, various full outfit pairings in labeled ziplock bags, and more.

Heading off this weekend with Caroline, I did manage to run the dishwasher so Hubby will start with clean dishes... but other than that, Daddy is in charge, and things will be fine.  It is such a relief to be leaving two of my three little ones with someone who might not do things my way... but lives every day in the same house as I do and knows where (most) everything is, and knows the kids' routines (even if he chooses to deviate from it).

I am sure Howard and Tracey are going to have a blast with Hubby this weekend, and I am really excited for my one-on-one time with my Sweet Caroline.

Please pray for safe travels for Caroline and me, and smooth sailing for Hubby with Tracey and Howard.

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