Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Our Getaway

Hubby and I have had such a wonderful getaway together the past few days in Denver.

We saw a Rockies game, ate meals out, ate meals in... none of which required bibs or bribery, we ran errands, slept in, I read a book, and ... we saw TWO movies in a movie theater!

Hubby and I haven't seen a movie together in a theater in years, and during this trip, we saw two... I guess we're set for almost a decade.  The theater where we saw the movies had recliners... unheard of in our local Rifle movie theater, and it was so much fun and really comfortable.

Just the simple act of Hubby and my having one another's undivided attention for several days on end was amazing.  It was a reminder to how our marriage used to be, before our sweet babies were born.

Now, with three young children, we still make a great team, but there is much less time spent focused on each other... because our children require much of our attention most of the time.  This was just so nice to recharge together and rest at the same time.

That being said, I really miss our little ones and both Hubby and I are excited to get back to them.  I know they have had a blast with Grammie and Papa... and although my parents sound tired, I think they have run the show very well in our absence.

I think it will be quite some time before Hubby and I will get to enjoy this kind of extended getaway again, so hopefully this one really will recharge us for a while.

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