Sunday, May 7, 2017

Before Picture

Hubby and I have gotten away!

Back when the end of grad school was still six weeks away, I started researching surprise getaway spots for Hubby and me after he was finished.  I collaborated with my parents and they agreed to come out to Colorado and baby-sit for two nights in order for Hubby and me to be able to take that time away.

Since the twins were born, I have only been away from them for one night... and it was last week for work.  Since Tracey was born, I have only been without children for one night at a time, and that's only happened a few times... maybe five total.  So Hubby and I have not been away together, without children for two nights in a row ever since our first child was born.

Then, through a twist of circumstances, we actually will be away for three consecutive nights... we almost don't know what to do with ourselves... almost.

So, before we took off, I took a "before" picture of my parents with the kids.  Hopefully they will appear relatively the same when we return in a few days.


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