Thursday, May 25, 2017


When people hear that Hubby and I are expecting our fourth child (and fourth in less than four years at that), we get a myriad of reactions.

Some people are shocked.
 Some people are happy for us... and even happier its not happening to them.
Some people think we're crazy.
Some people think we're stupid.
Some people are genuinely excited for us because they think we're good parents and we're the type of family that should have a lot of children.
Some people think we're superheros.
Some people think we must have a secret oil field somewhere to finance these kids.
Some people ask us if we "know how this happens..." a comment that seriously creeps me out because they are inquiring about our sex life.
Some people stop socializing with us because we've become "weird kid people."
Some people become closer friends with us because they too are "weird kid people" with big families.

It has actually been comical to witness different reactions.

All that to say, yesterday a friend of mine from college, who has one little girl about two-years old posted this picture on my way along with the below comment and I really took it as a huge compliment.  Not that I need to be seen any certain way to my peers, but I felt like this was viewing our decision to have a large family as something very unique and special as opposed to judging us in a negative light.

And my friend wrote on my wall:
 "If anyone is a magical unicorn, it's you. "

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