Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I just want to take a minute to talk about socks.

I don't know where the dryer got such a bad reputation for eating socks.  Easily when I do laundry several times each week, I have over 50 socks for all shapes sizes and colors without mates... but this is by no means the fault of the dryer.  I would never dream of blaming our dryer.  I know who's to blame for all our missing socks... my children, and my husband.

My children seem to almost make a game out of trying to take their socks off anywhere and everywhere possible.  I saying "trying to" take their socks off because they are not always successful, which almost makes it worse because rarely do two matching socks come off in the same location.

My three children are notorious for removing their socks in the hardest-to-find locations -- their cribs, their beds, their stroller while we're on a walk, the car, the kitchen table, the family room amongst a pile of their toys, the guest room when we didn't even play in the guest room this week, the basement when I didn't even know they had been in the basement, outside, the church nursery... you name it, chances are at least one sock has been removed by my children in that location.

Then, let's not forget my husband.  Now, to his credit, his socks are often found in pairs... but he removes his socks wherever he first relaxes at the end of the day.  So, his socks are often found in the family room near the couch... but sometimes in our bedroom, in Tracey's room, or randomly tucked in with the children's toys because one of the babies found the dirty sock and thought it would make a great blanket for a baby doll.

Our socks are terminally mis-matched because otherwise we would be buying new socks every time I did laundry.

I do not mean to avoid all blame... my socks have become inexplicably unmatched since the twins were born... but I actually can explain what happens to our baby socks, toddler socks, and husband socks... and it has nothing to do with our dryer.

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