Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Larger Canvas

I love this picture because the other day, my sweet Tracey wanted to paint a picture.  Now, I am all for washable paint to create beautiful pictures when the weather is nice and they can paint outside wearing swimsuits.  For indoor painting, I resort to water paint where Tracey chooses a picture from her paint-with-water pad, and then she paints water across the page which creates the colors.

Well, the other day, I had to laugh because she painted all the water across the paper... and then the next thing I knew, she had crumpled up the (now very soggy paper) and was using her paint brush to paint a much larger surface area of the table in front of her.

As her mother, I had to correct her and remind her that she was just supposed to be painting on the paper... but what I really was thinking was that my wonderful child's imagination was just too large for that piece of paper, and she needed a larger canvas to express her inner artist.


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