Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fashion and Friends

It was called to my attention a few weeks back that I had several posts in a row that focused on our little man, Howard, and the source was afraid our sweet Caroline would develop an inferiority complex.
*** Thank you, Mother, as if I didn't already have enough insecurities about my ability to raise three children equally and fairly. ***

So, let's talk about our adorable little Caroline.

First of all, she is quite the little walker now.  She took her first steps weeks after Howard did... but once she started walking, she walked everywhere, and as a result, I think she became a better walker in less time than it took Howard.

She has always been our social butterfly, and she still is.  She loves to play with her brother and sister.  Sometimes I am concerned because I can tell she is the type of child that will start to be uncomfortably squished by her big sister's hugs, but she loves that her big sister is hugging her, so she won't say anything.

That being said, she is not afraid to play independently throughout the day.  Often, it involves shoes or clothes... and sometimes cooking in the toy kitchen.  I had a post a few days about about how our socks go missing and how it is quite a team efforts in how they go missing.  Our shoes on the other hand all go missing at the hands of Caroline.  She will sort them, organize them, hand them out to various family members, and carry them around to store in alternative locations.  Interestingly enough, for as much as she loves playing with shoes, whenever I put shoes on her, she almost immediately tries to take them off.

And, like a true little lady, her interest in fashion is not limited to shoes.  She loves putting clothes and accessories around her neck.  The other day, she and Howard got one of my dresser drawers open, and then next thing I know, Caroline has a pair of my nylons draped around her neck like an over-sized boa.  She also loves the beads that a restaurant gave the kids for St. Patrick's Day.

She is such a sweetheart, and always incredibly happy... until she's not.  And when she's not happy, she is NOT happy.  Maybe this fits in with the social butterfly and fashion-loving personality, but when she gets upset, she can be a little bit of a drama queen.

We absolutely love our sweet Caroline, all her unique and individual personality traits, and watching her grow into the person she is destined to become.


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