Monday, March 13, 2017


I am so lucky I have a husband who pushes me in areas I want to be pushed, to become the person I want to become, and the person, I believe God created me to become.

He has so many strengths that are not my fortes... and honestly, I think I have several fortes that are not my Hubby's strengths.  It is so cool how God paired us so well and even five and a half years into our marriage, we are still growing, still learning, and still pushing one another to be the people we have the potential to be... the couple and the team we have the potential to be.

He is almost finished with his Masters degree... something that I have had to push him regarding a time or two... I'm not saying he couldn't have accomplished this without me... but I do feel my strengths have been highlighted more than a few times in this process.

I have always wanted our home to be a place where we would welcome people and children in need.  We always talked about having at least one guest room prepared all the time so that we had a room ready for anyone who might need one at a moment's notice.  This is something I probably would have been content to have as my goal throughout my life, and never actually open my door to someone in need for fear of what set of circumstances we would be inviting in.

Thankfully, I married a husband who has such a heart for helping, and so little fear, and so much faith that we are becoming a couple that really does open our home to children in need.

I love that when he pushes in ways I need to be pushed I grow in my confidence in my husband, and I fall more in love with him in the process.


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