Saturday, March 25, 2017

Peter Pan

I don't think I posted about it, but a few weeks ago, I took Tracey to see her first live performance play at our local high school.  It was the musical Annie, which was the first live musical I ever saw.  I played the movie for her before we went, and talked to her about the story, and really emphasized that this was a BIG GIRL outing that she got to take with Mama, so I felt pretty confident she would do well throughout the show, and she did.  She had some squirmy moments, but overall did very well.

So, last night, Hubby and I took her to another school performance of Peter Pan.  This was really special because she got to go out with both Mama and Daddy while the twins were home with baby-sitters.  We realized we haven't taken Tracey anywhere with both parents and Tracey by herself since before the twins were born.  We went out to dinner first, and then to the show.

In preparation for this very special big girl date, we curled her hair, painted her nails, and let her pick out her extra special princess dress to wear.  Also, I had purchased the DVD of Mary Martin's Peter Pan, which I watched growing up, and we played a few times leading up to the show so that she would be familiar with the music and plot.

 Tracey absolutely LOVED the show -- much more so than Annie, but the fact that actors were literally flying across the stage probably had something to do with that.  This show we attended last night is put on by an entire school near us, which is grades preschool to 12th, and was incredibly impressive.  It is half-Homeschool, half-Classical curriculum, and we may consider sending our children there in the future.  I'll tell you, watching this elaborate musical the created and watching children as young as 3 participating was very impressive.

I spend so much time with babies, and training toddlers/our preschooler, which I really do love... tedious though it sometimes becomes.  But last night it was so much fun to really see Tracey growing into a new more grown-up stage of life where we can take her to a grown up two-and-a-half hour musical, and she will sit still and enjoy it.  We still love babies, but it is reassuring to know that all children will grow up eventually (save Peter Pan, of course) and there are wonderful new stages to enjoy with them at that time.

Here are some pictures from our Big Girl night out:

Our big girl at dinner

Walking with Daddy... and her pink purse

Watching the show

Congratulating a friend from church on her great performance

Meeting Tiger Lily

A little leery of Captain Hook...

... she did give him a high five eventually.

Peter Pan was awesome, and she sprinkled Tracey with pixie dust

And we saw Wendy before we headed home.


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