Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tracey Ann's Birth -- The Hours Following

I have been meaning to revisit the story of Tracey Ann's birth for months, since I finished the (VERY LONG) tale of birth.  There are so many other precious memories of our time in the hospital immediately following her birth that I want to remember, and share.

Obviously, nearly nine months later, my memory will not be as clear as it was, but I'd like to share what I do remember.

After Tracey Ann's birth, and the doctor attended to my medical needs, my parents came in.  I wrote about that here, and that led to probably at least an hour of phone calls and sharing our story, and joy, and soaking up the new addition to our family.

After my parents left (maybe around 9:30 or 10pm?), the night nurse began mentioning that we would eventually want to move to our different room.  We were still in the labor and delivery room, but we would have a different hospital room for the remainder of our stay.  There was no rush, but we would want to move before we went to bed that night.

As soon as my parents left, I wanted to TAKE A SHOWER!  I hadn't had an epidural, so there was no reason to stay in bed... and I wanted to get cleaned up.  I had taken a shower the night before, when my water broke, and I was in a bath tub for much of my labor... but the nature of labor and delivery being what it is... I needed a shower.

I was so excited to get up (slowly) and move to the restroom, and begin to get cleaned up.  It was only after I got up and moving that I realized how weak and exhausted I was.  The doctor had told me that I lost a lot of blood and she would be keeping an eye on things to determine if I needed a transfusion -- she said redheads notoriously bleed heavily, and moving to the bathroom it became clear just how much energy I had spent.

The nurse had offered to help me both in the restroom and taking a shower, but my modesty had come back following labor, and I did not accept her help.  Before getting in the shower, though, I called Chris in to be nearby while I showered to make sure I didn't pass out.  He gave Tracey Ann to the nurse and began attending to my needs just as he had during labor.  I think this was when the novelty of Tracey Ann's arrival -- certainly hadn't worn off -- but we both began to understand the reality of the healing and recovery I still had ahead of me.

Following the shower, the nurse and Chris got me back into bed, laying down (still in the labor and delivery room) asap.  I didn't even dry off from the shower, or comb my hair (a compulsion for me almost immediately after getting out of the shower).  The nurse wrapped me in a heated towel, and I curled up in the fetal position, on my side, on the bed, and they brought Tracey Ann back over to lay next to me and nurse while I was laying down.

While I was laying and nursing and trying to regain strength, Chris went about the task of finding me something to eat -- I hadn't eaten since lunch, and we both knew I needed iron, and protein.  I was in major labor when dinner was served at the hospital, but Chris had had the wherewithal to order dinner, so that we would have it and could re-heat it later.  I'm so glad he did -- the cheeseburger hit the spot.

A little time later, stronger, dressed in pjs, and finally having combed my hair, Chris and I walked to our new room.  They offered me a wheelchair, but I was so proud to, just 2 or 3 hours after delivery, walk through the halls, pushing Tracey Ann in her tiny hospital crib, to our room.

Hubby did a wonderful job moving all of belongings from the labor room to our new hospital room, and all I had to do was crawl in bed, and rest until the next feeding.  At least that's what I thought was the plan... little did I know another surprise lay in store before we would head to bed.

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  1. So exciting! I want to know what comes next haha! Even nine months later it is still incredible, isn't it?? I'm still in awe when I think about delivering my baby...


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