Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy Birthday to Tracey Ann's Papa, and my Daddy!

I love and respect my dad a great deal and have for many years.  That being said, this year there has been a change in our relationship as I have watched him become Papa to my first born, his first grand daughter.

At 82 years old, my dad is a hands-on grandfather.

When she was an infant, Papa's favorite job was holding the baby.  Almost anytime I wasn't feeding her, Papa was holding her.

As she got older, and slept less, when I returned to work, I got daily reports about Tracey Ann's daily exercises with Papa.  She would sit in her little pumpkin seat, and Papa would push on her little legs and little arms creating resistance so that her little muscles would get stronger and stronger.

By the summer and fall, when Tracey Ann was more mobile, and didn't want to just be held all the time, her Papa (at nearly 82 years of age) would crawl down on the floor with her to play with toys, help her crawl, and interact with her.

Someday Tracey Ann will hear Papa's funny stories about life when he was a boy, or his exciting tales of saving lives as a pediatrician.  Someday she will help him around the yard and impress him with her swimming and fishing skills.  Someday she will ride his knee as a horsie ride or pretend to play a duet with him on the piano... but all of these events are down the road.

All Tracey Ann knows now is who expresses love for her and makes her feel safe and secure... and her does both those things ever time he sees her.

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