Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Embracing "If Only I Knew Then..."

The other day I went running... with Lloyd and Tracey Ann.

Gone are the days when I head out in any weather, music rocking, and get lost in my own world for 30-60 minutes.

Running with Lloyd and Tracey Ann is exercise -- not just physical exercise, but probably more so, a mental exercise.  In fact, I think I have officially crossed over from being a "runner" to a "jogger."  Tracey Ann's in the baby jogger, Lloyd's on the leash, and all three of us are maneuvering sidewalks, crosswalks, overgrown shrubbery, any anything else that crosses our path.

During my recent jog, I began to think of all that TIME I had before I was a mother.  Why hadn't I treasured the chance to run without company all those years?  If only I knew then what I know now, I would have savored those solo runs.

But as I was having those thoughts, I just stopped myself in my tracks.  What is past is past.

Today, I have one child, and one dog, who behave very well while I'm jogging.  Instead of focusing on what I should have known two years ago, I need to focus on the blessings of the situation now.

Chances are, a time is coming when Tracey Ann will weigh more than she does now.  She might not enjoy riding along for a jog like she does now.  Lloyd might have a little brother where I'm trying to run with two dogs.  Or, Tracey Ann might have a little brother or sister where I am physically exhausted from being pregnant, or pushing TWO children in the jogger, not just one.

Chances are, my runs are going to get more complicated before they get less complicated... so I am learning from the past, embracing life as it is, and not thinking "If only I knew then..."

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