Thursday, October 30, 2014

Presents are Fun

Tracey Ann's grandparents are doing their part to surprise her with random gifts, just like grandparents should.  As soon as my parents heard that Tracey Ann was starting to walk between pieces of furniture while holding on to the furniture, they decided she needed a toy to help her walk ASAP.

There was no waiting until Christmas or her first birthday -- they wished her HAPPY WALKING with a special toy surprise.

This was the first time that Chris and I opened a present for Tracey Ann where she was really interested -- both in the process of opening the present, and the present itself.  It made us get really excited for Christmas and her first birthday.

She isn't walking with this walking toy yet, but she loves to play with it, and is starting to use it to pull herself up.  It is SOOO much fun to watch her explore and learn and have a blast with special toys from Grammie and Papa.

Thank you, Grammie and Papa!

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