Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today could be the day

I think ABCFamily's answer to the Olypics this weekend was THE NOTEBOOK because I caught it on about 4 times throughout the weekend.

So, of course, I tuned in to various parts of THE NOTEBOOK this weekend and, I think a few themes from the movie worked their way into my mind for this week.

In the movie, the older Noah, frequently says that today could be a day for a miracle. He goes through his whole day thinking that this is a great day, a day when anything is possible, a day when miracles can happen. He expects miracles as the day goes on.

After a few clips from this movie over the weekend, I have found myself both Monday and Tuesday morning thinking to myself, and even saying aloud, "Maybe this will be the day!"

Maybe today... maybe all my staff will be present and healthy at school today. Maybe the students will remember the rules today. Maybe I will teach a child something important today. Maybe I will have a great discussion with a parent today and we will really feel on the same page regarding his or her child. Maybe today will be the day that child will finally use his voice to communicate instead of gestures. Maybe today will be the day this child will not cry when mom leaves. Maybe today... Maybe today... Maybe today...

The possibilities are endless and extend beyond school. Maybe today a future husband and wife will meet for the first time. Maybe today, the couple who want to conceive a child will find out they are expecting. Maybe today the patient will finally feel strong enough to get out of bed. Maybe today someone will receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. Maybe today...

When I mentioned this to my roommate this morning, she reminded me that every day is a breakthrough for someone - you just have to look for it.

I want to be one who sees the breakthroughs every day. Sometimes preschool is the best vantage point because the children learn and grow and develop so quickly, but I want to have eyes to notice it everywhere. I want to believe that every day can change a life.

Maybe today is the day for a miracle.

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  1. Brooke,

    What a great thought to keep on your mind each day. Every day is a miracle if we only look deep enough and long enough to see what God has given us, for me, just waking up is a good thing. After that it can only get better right?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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