Friday, February 12, 2010

The Simple Joys of Maidenhood

Have you ever heard the song from Camelot, THE SIMPLE JOYS OF MAIDENHOOD?

I grew up watching musicals and I used to sing this song at a young age. I had no idea what I was singing about until high school, when I re-learned the song. This song is hysterical.

Guinevere sings this song on her way to her wedding to marry King Arthur and she is sad to be getting married at such a young age. She prays to Saint Genevieve asking "Where are the simple joys of maidenhood?" She is mourning the loss of maidenhood - feeling she hasn't had nearly enough excitement. Read below for the lyrics -- this is her definition of excitement in maidenhood:

Where are the simple joys of maidenhood?
Where are all those adoring daring boys?
Where's the knight pining so for me
he leaps to death in woe for me?
Oh where are a maiden's simple joys?

Shan't I have the normal life a maiden should?
Shall I never be rescued in the wood?
Shall two knights never tilt for me
and let their blood be spilt for me?
Oh where are the simple joys of maidenhood?

Shall I not be on a pedestal,
Worshipped and competed for?
Not be carried off, or better st'll,
Cause a little war?
Where are the simple joys of maidenhood?

Are those sweet, gentle pleasures gone for good?
Shall a feud not begin for me?
Shall kith not kill their kin for me?
Oh where are the trivial joys?
Harmless, convivial joys?
Where are the simple joys of maidenhood?

What an interesting desire. "Where's the knight pining so for me, he leaps to death in woe for me"? Really? This is her desire? She wants to cause a war? And of course, the irony is that Guinevere does go on to start a war...

I am currently experiencing a few of the simple joys of modern-day maidenhood. I don't know if I'm cut out for this drama.

Maybe with Valentine's Day around the corner, men are feeling particularly declarative and romantic...

When I was younger, adults would tell my parents I was going to break a few hearts. I don't think I really knew what this meant. I think I took it as a compliment -- I never believed them. I don't think I ever considered what this could possibly mean or the real responsibility involved in being offered the hearts of several men.

Oh, Here. Yes, Here are the simple joys of maidenhood.

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  1. What a fabulous song! Oh maidenhood. I enjoy it so sometimes and sometimes I wish for my Prince. (I love your frog in your sidebar by the way! It is fabulous!)


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