Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Stolen Week

This will be my first addition to "Not Me Monday."

Because I never do things that I won't admit to doing... not me.

I love reality. I would never love a week completely removed
from reality. Not me!

When last weekend was already a three-day weekend, I would never take an additional personal day during the week. Not me!

My first week of on-line grad school, and an im
portant week in the preschool, I would never encourage my friend from college to extend his trip and hang out in Eagle all week. Not me.

I would never have a week when I am only in the preschool on Tuesday and Wednesday. I would never have a week as follows:
Monday - no school (skiing with friends)
Tuesday - at school

Wednesday - at school

Thursday - personal day

Friday - conference in Denver

Furthermore, I would never use that personal day to go to Denver a day early for the conference and to enjoy the city. I would also never wake up in Denver Friday morning and get a phone call from my boss telling me that she and all the other preschool directors can't get over Vail pass due to a
snowstorm - they can't make it to the conference. I would never end up being the only person from my district at a state conference - that would never happen to me.

Additionally, during this week when I am not escaping from reality, I would never see more movies in movie theaters in ONE WEEK than I have in the past three years! I would never attend a Film Festival, see Blind Side, and Avatar 3D IMAX (all in theaters) in the same week. Not me!

What is worse of all, never would I hate the fact that I'm back to reality this morning. I would never have that heavy feeling in my chest on a Monday - that "here we go again" feeling that makes me want to cry. I would never fight that feeling after a great week of non-reality. Not me.

I would never be so emotional that when I got into the shower last night and didn't have hot water, I would never cry. Not me. I would never cry over luke-warm water. There are people all over the world who would be very thankful for a warm shower. I would never cry over a cold shower. Not me.

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P.S. I would never misspell the word stolen in the title of this blog posting. I would never write the post in advance and save it entitled, "A Stollen Week." Not me! I would never mix up "stollen" - a German bread with "stolen" a variation of the verb 'to steal'. Not me!


  1. Hope this week is full of blessings and adventures.
    Hugs, andrea

  2. You are beautiful, Brooke Sanden, and so was our time together. Wish you were here at Sundance.

    -The Thief

  3. Thanks for sharing your struggles, Brooke. I will be praying for you. It does feel good to get it out, doesn't it? : )

  4. Love your honesty in you post and your willingness to face reality!
    Lord, give me the strength to face each day.
    Love Emily.


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