Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Praise God - "Ellie" has a forever family!

I got word today that "Ellie" has a forever family!

I wrote before Thanksgiving that "Ellie" is a little girl, a foster child who attends my preschool and who was about to get an adoptive family; at the age of five-and-a-half, this will be her first "forever family."

In the preschool we would have been THRILLED for her no matter who the county chose... but we certainly had our opinion of which family was best.

It was hard over Thanksgiving week and weekend to know that this HUGE decision was being decided about the future of one of our five-year-olds and there was nothing we, as teachers, could do. The helplessness was a great opportunity to talk to my staff (and Ellie's foster mom) about prayer... but really I felt very helpless.

Today we got word which family will become Ellie's forever family. It is the family we want to see her with. The family we think is best for her.

Ellie knows this husband and wife. She has spent time with this husband and wife. This husband and wife, Ellie's new mother and father were never able to have their own children and I am in tears for this mom and dad who will FINALLY have their OWN little girl! They will be Ellie's Mom and Dad! Ellie has been perfectly created to join their household and be their "forever daughter."

Thank you for all your prayers for Ellie and her placement. Some of you have shared with me that you are in the process of adopting into your own family... the perspectives you have shared with me is what makes me all the more joyful for this family. This husband and wife who have wanted for so long to be a mother and father. A husband and wife who love this little girl SOOOO much. This husband and wife who will now be a mother and father by Christmas!

Praise God!

Since "Ellie" is a foster child, I am not able to share a picture, but I tried to find a picture of a loving family. Forever Mommy, Forever Daddy, Forever Daughter! PRAISE GOD!

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  1. That is fabulous news. Thank you so much for sharing this story of praise.

  2. Oh that is such wonderful news. I am so glad Ellie has her forever family. A beautiful miracle.


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