Friday, November 27, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness: From Tuesday/Friday

I don't seem to have the instantaneous Christmas joy as the other writers today. I think this is due to several factors, but I trust at least some of my usual seasonal excitement will arrive in time.

Tuesday was like my Friday because it was my last day of work for the week.

I commuted from Vail to Eagle for work because I have been staying with my parents in Vail since they arrived to spend as much time with them as possible on this trip.

This means that I had a 30 mile commute to work instead of a 3 mile commute to work and within the 30 miles is a Starbucks. :)

I decided Tuesday (my version of Friday) would be the perfect day for my first Christmas Favorite Starbucks drink of the season -- Peppermint Mocha (nonfat, no-whip).

Since I was at Starbucks in a happy mood on a Tuesday (that felt like Friday), I went ahead and bought a seasonal coffee drink for each of my employees. :) That cost added up, but I was expecting it, and again... feeling festive and charitable.

Well, this was also the day of the K-LOVE Hope For the Hungry drive and I was listening to the morning show the whole 30 miles. A $2.00 donation feeds one person for a holiday meal... and here I just purchased 5 holiday drinks from Starbucks (for more than $2.00 a drink)... and so I figured I could donate AT LEAST the amount I spent on festive drinks to a Rescue Mission in Grand Junction, CO through the K-LOVE drive.

I have felt very inspired by Amy's writing at Filled With Joy about giving what I can. I am excited to enter a Christmas season with this mindset.

For more Christmas Caffeinated Randomness, visit Andrea.

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  1. Hope you are having a wonderful day.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. Happy Caffeinated Friday! Woohoo!!! Happy Thanksgiving too.

  3. Some years it takes me a bit longer to get in the swing of Christmas. This year was a bit harder, because we STILL don't have any snow! But I'm getting there!

  4. I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit to so thinking about the fun things makes me kinda happy. I have had a nasty cold all week and missed my family Thanksgiving so thinking of fun things kept my pity party away ;)

    Hope you enjoy the time with your parents!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Sorry it has taken me a few days to comment, we have been out of town. It was so nice of you to buy your coworkers coffee and make your donation to the Rescue Mission. I am sure it was a blessing for all. I also appreciate you linking my sweet. God bless you friend. I am still praying.

  6. I tried a Peppermint Chocolate latte from Starbucks today. I also got one for a friend. I didn't tell my friend until after he drank it that it was fat free, and we both thought it was great tasting. Also, it was a good way to experience the Xmas spirit.


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