Thursday, December 3, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness: Ornaments!

I love ornaments. I love decorating my tree each year. My ornament box consists of ornaments that are mine, which I took from my parents house when I had my first tree.

I love going through each ornament and remembering where it came from. I hold it up in front of me and then look at the tree and try to decide where it will look best. I look at the branches and the lights and decide where it will hang best or sparkle...

The ornament to t
he left was a present from my harp teacher and its one of my favorites. A candy harp! It combines several of my favorite things - candy, music, the harp, something cute, and an ornament!

To the right is another cute
ornament from my harp teacher - Santa playing the harp. I think this ornament is fun, but my harp teacher just LOVED it. She went on and on about Santa playing the harp and how in all her years she had only seen this one Santa playing the harp. She used to have whole trees full of harp ornaments and over the years she passed quite a few on to me.

Below is an ornament one of my good friends gave me last year, a Frog Prince
. The friend who gave me this ornament, Obinna, is like a brother. He has heard a few of the corners of my heart and began to understand the frustrating process of being a woman longing for her husband... without a husband. This ornament makes me think of Obinna, it makes me laugh, and it makes me hope that someday my Prince will not be a frog. I like the light behind him, but if you can't quite see, he is holding a heart that says "Kiss Me."

Lastly, I wanted to share a beautiful angel ornament I
received from my first music teacher. The woman who let me sing in her choir beginning in kindergarten (even though the youngest singers were supposed to be in first grade). She taught me to read music and sing in a choir. When I was older, she encouraged me to play my harp in church at EVERY opportunity. Later, she taught me that music had to come from my heart if it was going to mean anything. She taught me that music is more than notes on a page... she taught me many things. She died three years ago. This angel reminds me of her.

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  1. I love the Frog ornament! we have a little thing about frogs at our place...!

    the angel is beautiful, and holds beautiful memories for you.


  2. I love your ornaments! I didn't know you played the harp! That is so neat. I've always thought it would be a fun instrument to play.
    You've been in my thoughts and prayers over the last few weeks. I hope you are doing ok.
    Oh yes, I will try to email you soon about the chocolate covered pretzels :)

  3. :) Cute ornaments! How fun that our Christmas trees can also be a walk down memory lane. I love all the emotions and remembrances Christmas brings.

  4. You have an award on arise 2 write.

  5. What cute ornaments! Isn't it neat how so many memories can be displayed through ornaments on a tree?

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


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