Saturday, September 10, 2016

Unexpected Joy

I always knew I wanted a baby girl.  From the time I rocked my first baby doll to sleep, I knew I wanted a baby girl.  I often told Hubby before we had kids that if we were blessed with five sons and no girls, I would have to adopt a baby girl.

I was beyond overjoyed when our first child was Tracey.  We didn't know her gender before she was born, and I was sure we were having a boy.  I have loved having a daughter.

Then, two years later, we were blessed with twins -- and one of them was another girl.  I felt that same incredibly joy to have another baby girl.  From the moment I held Caroline, having a second daughter wasn't old-hat or anything like that, it was a completely new wave of immense joy that my dream came true again -- a second baby girl.

And one of our twins was a son, Howard.  I know nothing about baby boys.  I knew I was very excited to have him, I knew I didn't have to be an expert on all boys... just love and care for this one I was given... but I knew I had a lot to learn.  I was so excited to have a brother for my baby girls, a son for my husband -- a little hunter, a little sports fan, a wild and crazy little boy.

I still have a lot to learn about raising a little boy... but last weekend it surprised me how emotional I became when I dressed him in his first football jersey.

He's only 8 months old and not even playing yet... but I dressed all three kids up to watch the Michigan game, and seeing Howard in a Michigan football jersey brought such joy to my heart, and tears to my eyes.

He is the most handsome boy I've ever seen:


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