Monday, September 26, 2016

Funny Montage

These days, I'm trying to do it all, and have a positive attitude... and I fail miserably day after day.

If ever I don't blog on a given day... it is probably that I just collapsed into bed... which I do most days, but probably on that day, the twins were especially hard to get to sleep.  When they go to bed before 10pm, I usually take the time to blog... if one or both is still awake at 10pm or later, the blog may not happen that day.

All that to say, in addition to responsibilities at home, and my joy with students who are blind and visually impaired, I also teach Child Development at our local college.

This week's lecture is on childbirth and newborns, which I think is awesome, because I also teach The Bradley Method of natural childbirth, so the subject of childbirth and newborns is a favorite topic of mine.

Here is a video I'm going to show in class this week, which I think is pretty funny.  Enjoy:

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