Friday, September 23, 2016

Twins -- Eight Months

The twins are almost nine months old... and this is my eight month update.  That should be at least mildly indicative of how crazy life has been at this point with the twins (and Tracey).

For comparison:

Twins at seven months:


I actually have no idea... I don't know their weight right now, and eight months was three weeks ago, so I'm not sure.  I think their weights are healthy.


They are on the verge of out-growing six month onesies and sleepers... so their length seems to be healthy as well.

Clothing size: 

Both Howard and Caroline can still squeeze into a few six month outfits, depending on the style, but for the most part, nine month is a better fit.

Howard and Caroline have definitely gotten the hang of eating solid foods regularly.  They pretty much each whatever Tracey eats -- or at least something very similar every time Tracey eats -- so about two meals a day plus nursing as needed.  Our kitchen is officially a disaster area almost 24-7 now that all three kids are eating so much, so often... and I Lloyd is the happiest dog on the planet.

We're still working toward Howard and Caroline sleeping through the night again.  Often Howard will insist on falling asleep in our bed, and can be hard to move to his own crib.

New things/discoveries/accomplishments: 
  • Both babies can scoot where they want to go -- Howard moves with more purpose, but Caroline can inch herself along when she wants to
  • Howard learned how to clap
  • Caroline is now a champ at sitting up and is really steady
  • Howard started sitting up about a week ago and he's still a little wobbly 
  • Howard will get up onto all fours like he's about to crawl, and then lower himself back down 
  • Going to the park consistently 
  • First airplane rides and airport experience -- and flight delays and changes to plans 

  • Howard remains cautious of new people, but excited to explore new things on his own.  He is wanting to move and movited to crawl.
  • Caroline is the happiest little girl, and completely at home with new people.  She has the biggest smile for anyone she meets and loves to be held by new friends.

  • Playing with each other
  • Pacifiers
  • Nursing
  • Solid food
  • Bath time together
  • Playing with Tracey
  • Playing with each other
  • Soft blankets
  • Being tickled
  • Jumping/walking toys 
  • Crackers
  • Cousins

  • Being hungry
  • Being tired
  • Falling over from sitting up or rolling over too hard

Special Memories:
  • First airplane rides as we spontaneously decided to zip over to St. Louis for a weekend to surprise Chris' family and meet our brand new nephew
  • First days of Mama going back to work and being left with a nanny while Mama is gone all day - everyone survived and both the nanny and kids are finding a routine
  • First time getting consistent bottles on the days Mama works - everyone survivied
  • First night for all kids alone with Daddy while Mama teaches a college class - everyone survived
  • Seeing a parade for the first time 
  • Seeing family in St. Louis while we were there including meeting their Great-Grandparents for the first time 

Places They Went:
  • St. Louis

  • Howard
  • Master Howard
  • Buddy
  • Buckaroo
  • Mister Man
  • Big guy
  • Little guy 
  • "Oward" Tracey's name for him  
  • Caroline
  • Sweet Caroline
  • Sweetheart
  • Baby Girl
  • "Airoline" Tracey's name for her

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