Monday, May 17, 2010

Not Me Monday: Fire Brownies!

I have recently discovered The Food Network... actually, that's a lie. I have recently discovered that I LIKE The Food Network. The channel has never appealed to me until recently -- that might be due to the fact that Chris REALLY likes it, so I've actually watched it lately for more than a channel check.

My enjoyment of The Food Network this weekend led me to The Food Network website - and led me to create an online recipe box full of recipes I want to try this summer.

One such recipe, I decided couldn't wait until summer - S'more Brownies -- or, what now might "NOT" be forever known in my household as FIRE BROWNIES!

I wish I could say that the above picture is a picture of what I created... it's not. The above picture is the picture that The Food Network website made look so irresistible that I decided to make the S'more Brownies (Fire Brownies).

So I had a realization while I was baking... oh, I did NOT have a realization while I was baking. I did NOT realize that one reason I really don't make time for baking very often is that it makes me feel lonely. Nope, can't admit that. Why would baking make me feel lonely?

I did NOT drop several tears into the chocolate I was melting on the stove. Nope, not me! I do NOT miss the family that I do not yet have when I bake. I do NOT become hopeless over ever EVER having the family (the husband, children, animals, nosy neighbors, etc.) I've dreamed of for 26 years. Not me! Baking is supposed to be fun. It does NOT make me feel inadequate, childish or lonely.

So while I was NOT feeling lonely (which I really didn't feel for long. I put on some music after the tears I did NOT shed and made myself feel better - more excited about the baking process), I made my first graham cracker crust, I made my first non-family brownie recipe... AND attempted my first experience with the broil setting on the oven.

The last step to making the brownies is adding big marshmallow's to the top of the brownies, toast them until they're golden brown using the broil setting on the oven. I certainly did NOT set the brownies on fire!

I did NOT open the oven to see the center of the marshmallow's on fire - and, you know marshmallow's - the fire was NOT spreading over the entire dish like crazy! The flames did NOT start leaping out of the oven when I opened the door. And I did NOT start screaming to Chris, "Chris, they're on fire! CHRIS, THEY'RE ON FIRE!!!!!! SERIOUSLY - SERIOUSLY!!! CHRIS, THEY'RE ON FIRE!!!!!"

Chris came into the kitchen - told me to open the windows (later he told me, "When someone is panicking, give them a job." Opening the windows was my panic job -- I did a GREAT job!), and pulled the flaming pan out of the oven and blew it out. (Baked Alaska, anyone?)

I was NOT near tears after my lonely S'more Brownies burst into flames (yes, that's lonely, not lovely).

Chris and I did NOT scrape off the charred marshmallow top layer, and put the brownies (with the inner-layer of marshmallows now on top) back in the oven to broil again.

The second time was the charm for me and what I affectionately started calling the Fire Brownies -- Live and Learn. Or, in my case, Bake and Learn... or Burn and Learn... something like that!

Chris did NOT find the entire thing funny. Nope, not my boyfriend. He did NOT make the comment to me today, that he should have run upstairs and grabbed a camera before coming to my rescue in the kitchen. He has NOT made the comment since the Fire Incident that he needs to make the mental note to always have a video camera rolling when I'm cooking or baking... Nope, Not Chris!

The Fire Brownies actually tasted very good. REALLY sticky, rich and fun to eat - especially while the marshmallows were still warm and gooey.

All in all, I'd definitely recommend the recipe -- but BEWARE that broiler setting.

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  1. Except for the tears of loneliness, this was such a hysterical story. I could see you running around opening windows super fast! And the brownies sound delicious. I've also had my fair share of oven mishaps.

    I'm sorry for your loneliness but am proud of you for expressing it b/c that's when healing can come. My inclination is always to stuff it down deep inside so that I don't feel at all. Good only if you want ulcers, right?

  2. Brooke,

    Yikes I could totally see where this one was going when you mentioned the broiler setting and marshmallows in the same sentence. Glad that they worked out after all. They sound yummy!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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