Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Capital Reef National Park

A fun stop on the way to Capital Reef National park
I kept climbingCapital Reef National Park - last park for this trip

We don't know what caused these holes... but we tried to come up with some interesting ideas.

This Mormon Farmhouse was one of my favorite stops on the trip. You may be able to tell from the amount of pictures I took of the house and its contents...
What a beautiful pantry. I want canned food like this in my pantry someday. It reminds me of home. My mom always canned food.My mom did not make soap. This is beautiful.This is me... basically in heaven.Chris didn't hang out in the farmhouse as long as I did. We both bought mini-pies and sodas - delicious!Mormons cannot sell caffeine or alcohol... but they can sell old fashioned sodas!After the farmhouse... we did a little off-roading. This was a small stream we drove through.

Old drawings carved into the rock.
Great time!
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  1. Great pictures! I haven't ever been to the states, so its nice when I see other people's perspectives of places! That farm house was SUPER CUTE! Totally retro american farm image [from an Australian's perspective that is!]...

    I came from the Sassy Single Bloggers page where your blog was listed... but - can I just point out an obvious fact that - there's definately a bloke in some of the pictures! I wasn't sure if you were aware of this fact... haha :D

  2. Sorry to mislead you, Carola. I'm not married - thought I fit best in the Singles part of Exemplify.

  3. Loved all your pictures on your spring break trip:) Thanks for sharing and finally getting back to your blogging to keep me updated:) Looking forward to pictures from Florida! Love, Momma


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