Friday, May 14, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness: Real Randomness

Good Morning Randomness Fans... I have no idea where my thoughts are going to take this post this morning.

My room is a MESS. I feel like maybe I'm four or five years old and my room is actually a land of adventure... the mounds of clothes and junk and stuff is actually a rugged wilderness that I carefully maneuver daily. The truth is - there is nothing pretend about it... my room is a disaster. And just a hunch... the disaster is not going anywhere until school is out (three weeks, one day).

I visited last night for one purpose - where in the world does the blogging word MEME come from and how in the world do you pronounce it. It just seems to be one of those words that gets under my skin... In my head, I pronounce it Mem (rhymes with Stem)... but is it actually pronounced Meemee? This word is just so stupid!

The problem is, I'm thinking about doing a blog link this summer... and I don't know what else to call it? The word just gets under my skin. Other words get under my skin and I almost decided to list them... but then I thought - why in the world would I want to start my day by listing all the words that bother me?

I will say this, the word "pee" - when did it become so socially acceptable to use this word to describe urine and the act of urinating? I think this word is so gross and crude... and everyone says it. Whatever someone is saying to me - if and when they choose to use this word in the story or conversation - I just stopped listening to whatever they were saying. I become so distracted by the grossness of what they just described, and frankly, I've lost respect for them not being able to express themselves a more intelligent and respectable way.

Okay, that rant is finished for the moment.

I don't know if I shared this story when it happened... but about six weeks ago, I was teaching a lesson on compliments to my preschoolers. At the end of the lesson, we went around the circle and every child turned to the child sitting next to him or her and he or she gave that friend a compliment. We went all the way around the circle and we came to the little boy sitting next to me... he looked me up and down... and up and down. Then he said, "Miss Brooke... ... Miss Brooke... I like... ... I like... ... Miss Brooke, I like your head." It was the cutest thing!

One more random thing.
Chris and I went to Florida about ten days ago to celebrate his sister, Becky, graduating from medical school. I met his family and we had a great few days in Orlando. Well his family like to play jokes on each other and other people...
After the graduation, Chris put on his sister's cap and gown and went up to other graduates pretending to be a med school graduate himself and asked if he could have his picture taken with these "medical school friends that he had gone to school with." Becky would tell him the names of the students to help him pull off the joke...Well, Becky's med school class was not large - everyone knows everyone - and NO ONE knew Chris. The looks on the faces of these poor med students were so funny as they were searching the folds of their brains... "How burned out am I that I can't remember this guy? He seems to know me but I have no idea how this is!"For more randomness, visit here.

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  1. Yeah, not digging the meme word myself...but I pronounce it silent e theme. I'm a huge fan of making up words though, so I'll use it...until I can make up a new one I like! =P

  2. Chris is hilarious! what a fun way to bring some humor into graduation :)

  3. That is HILARIOUS...about Chris. I totally had the same discussion with someone about the pronunciation of Meme when I discovered it's stupidness. And, the pee thing...I heard from a nurse that when she first started practicing (she's in her 60s) they had them call it urine but the ESL patients couldn't figure out what they were asking unless they used the word "pee"..evidently it is cross cultural as a word. HA! Just to make you happy, of course! Have a great weekend.

  4. I have heard "meme" pronounced as "meem". I hate it, too. They used to be called blog carnivals, and memes were quizzes and stuff like that. I have no idea why or when it changed. We should come up with a better name and start an anti-meme revolution. ;)

  5. Funny prank! That's hilarious! You have been a traveling fool.

  6. I never knew how to say "meme" either, I always says blog carnival. That sounds more fun, anyway:)

    And I am with you on "pee". I hate it when I hear a kid say "I gotta go pee". Big pet peeve!

  7. LOL I can just imagine the looks on the faces of those confused med school grads. Diabolical! =P

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! (Not sure if I am supposed to respond on my blog to what you said or on your blog, lol) But definitely let me know when you finish Wild At Heart - wanna hear what you thought.
    How is Captivated? I want to read it but am still waiting for the central library to send it over to my rinky-dink branch...


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