Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Surprise

I went to Michigan for Mother's Day.

I went to Michigan for Mother's Day and neither of my parents knew I was coming.

With the help of some family friends, I pulled off a really big Mother's Day surprise.

My parents were invited for a "Mother's Day brunch" at our neighbor's home at 11:00am.

Meanwhile, I flew from Denver to Chicago Friday evening and arrived in Chicago around 11:30pm. I rented a car and crashed at a friend's house in Chicago.

Then, I got on the road around 5:00am Saturday and drove up to Muskegon and to the home of our next-door-neighbors. When my parents arrived for brunch at 11:02am, I greeted them at the door...



"There's No Brunch?"

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  1. So fun!! How as brunch at the club?? :-)

  2. What fun!! I'm sure you made your mom's day!!

    did I know you were from MI?

  3. Wow Brookie, Wow.
    Thats so amazing! I miss you and your parents! And now I clearly see where you get your high alto pitch from :) !

    Thanks for sharing this with me, it really helped me start out my day with joy. Haha, I think if I ever try this stunt on my parents they'd be like, "oh...thats nice. We're not feeding you."

    God bless!

  4. Hey Sweetie,
    Loved the comment from Obinna - what do you mean - "Now I clearly see where you get your high alto pitch from":) We loved the surprise as all can tell! Much love, Momma


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