Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday: My God is BIG!

It is really late to blog, but it is still Thursday, so I want to take a minute and post something I've been composing in my head since late last night.

I am thankful I serve a BIG GOD! A HUGE GOD! A God who does not just work one way and does not just fit in a box.

I write this because last night I was discouraged.

I was feeling as though I hadn't "heard" from God in nearly a year. Verses do not jump out for me to claim as my own or apply to a very specific context in my life these days.

I read my Bible for daily nourishment, and I sincerely ENJOY worshiping my Lord, but I am not seeing His active and powerful hand like I have in past seasons.
This has been particularly frustrating as Paul and I are praying very specifically for some very specific plans and answers.

Last night I was DISCOURAGED. I wondered why I was continuing to ask God specific questions when I felt as though I hadn't heard specific answers from God about anything in months.

Then, as I lay in bed, with effort, I focused on God's faithfulness since I've moved to Colorado.
I worked very hard to remember ways that I've seen God's hands in my life and surroundings in the past 10 months.

Well, my friends, I serve a BIG GOD! I realized that in the past year, I have seen mountains move... just slowly. While I was longing for the seasons the Lord has offered me fast, earth-shattering, verse-by-verse answers - I am experiencing a different season where faith becomes sight over much longer periods of time. If you've heard the new song by Kutless "That's What Faith Can Do" the chorus is what came to mind as I was remembering God's love and faithfulness over this season of my walk with Him.

Since I have moved to Colorado:
  • I have seen pride melt and love take root
  • I have watched as children's minds and hearts have been unlocked in only the way their Creator can unlock minds
  • I have seen silent prayers answered - sometimes not even prayers, silent THOUGHTS, never even consciously echoed as a prayer, answered
  • I have seen darkness and demons retreat to the hills (or maybe into nearby pigs, I don't know)
  • I have watched as my own heart becomes more and more healed everyday
While I was feeling sad and hopeless that the Lord was not directly to me anymore, I realized God is strengthening my faith by working over time with the same faithfulness as His instantaneous work. God is not faithful in only one way - He is faithful in ALL WAYS.

There is a reason we are called to be patient, to hope, to trust -- because faith will not always become sight quickly.

  1. I am THANKFUL MY GOD has MORE ways of showing His faithfulness than just one!
  2. I am THANKFUL MY GOD is bigger than one way of communicating!
  3. I am THANKFUL My GOD LIVES outside any box into which I or others might try to fit Him!
  4. I am THANKFUL My God is BIG and HE LIVES!
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  1. Praise God for showing you this Brooke. I know it can be hard when you feel like you're living in the silence. But, even in the slow, quiet seasons of faith God is always there! I am so happy that He came to show you this truth! :)

    I am looking forward to our chat tomorrow! :)

  2. Amen, this is such a blessing! I go through times like this sometimes, and it always helps me to think back and see how God has answered prayer even in the little silent prayers. Our God is amazing!

  3. GOD is awesome! He always meets us where we are and works a miracle in our hearts.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea


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