Friday, October 2, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness: Workshop Day

So I'm at a workshop today that's not entirely applicable to my field. I'm listening, but I'm filtering the information I need verses what I don't. I've actually stopped over four times in those first two sentences to listen with my eyes and ears to what is being said by the presenter.

The REASON I'm dividing my attention to write to you is to say that this presenter is awesome. The content is not awesome... it's boring and only partially relevant. And the woman as a speaker... she's okay. Her power-point is all business... a few cute videos, but really, this woman is awesome. Let me tell you why:

Our boss just made a comment about that some of us our multi-tasking. She didn't say it in a condemning way, but simply an acknowledgment that we are. I don't think it's a battle she is choosing to fight.

To this, our speaker said, "I'm just glad there aren't any football games on today. I've had to attend a number of workshops and ... I might have been following the Michigan football game." :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

I, of course, shot up my hand and cheered and said "YOU ARE AWESOME!"

The Michigan v. Michigan State game is this weekend (the big IN STATE rivalry - think siblings) and there is a teacher I worked with this summer who attended Michigan State. She's even wearing her hooded Michigan State sweatshirt today (but I won't talk about the dress code issues I have with this region...). She eventually chimed in with a half-hearted "Boo". This girl is AWESOME!

On another note, we watched a video clip about writing IEPs in a language that parents can understand. The video clip had two men speaking german to each other in a radar room. They worked for the German Coastguard and this must have been their walkie-talkie room.

The older man left leaving the younger man, maybe a newer employee.

All of a sudden an English voice comes over the walkie-talkie saying "MayDay! MayDay" The German man shuffles some papers and again you hear the English voice, "MayDay! MayDay! We are sinking!"

Then the German man picks up the radio microphone and says in a thick German accent, "Yes, Hello. This is the German Coastguard."

The Sailor responds, "Yes, MayDay! We are sinking!"

The German Coastguard responds, "Okay. What are thinking?" (He was mixing up the sound of sinking and thinking, in case that wasn't clear...)

I laughed pretty hard. Hope you're having a blessed day.

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  1. It's so neat that you can multitask while being at your workshop! :) I've seen that video clip too, so funny!

    Thanks for your encouraging comment you left on my blog. It's really nice to get your input. Kaitlyn (the little girl) has had a really rough life and I try to do a lot of stuff with her when I have her. I'm sure she's going through tv withdrawls...she hasn't watched anything since Tuesday! lol.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I wish I had a laptop so I could multitask during meetings... :P


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