Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where to Begin? Thursday Wedding Events

When I think about posting about the most amazing wedding the world, I really don't know where to start.  Chris and I are still in Michigan, soaking up every minute of relaxation, summer, pool time, boating adventures, homemade meals and time with my parents.
The first day of our wedding celebration began on Thursday afternoon and evening when a number of our out-of-town friends came into town.  It rained all day and so the group hung out in my parents' pool house, went to dinner together and then some women moved the party elsewhere for my Bachelorette party.

Enjoy these pictures from the Thursday events:
 Leah, in from Maryland, and Maggie, in from Colorado -- meeting for the first time
 Obinna, in from Dallas, Jack, in from Nashville, and Mary Carol, in from Boston
 Chris and me at dinner
 Daniel, in from St. Louis, Nick, in from Tulsa, and Chris -- Nick is Chris' brother and best man and Daniel is Chris' brother-in-law and groomsman
 Meghan, my friend and bridesmaid, and her daughter, Remington Lee, in from Virginia, and me
 Our whole out-of-town crew (as of Thursday) ready for the fun!
Leah was a HUGE help with Remington Lee while Meghan tended to her bridesmaids duties
 The Bachelorette Party!  Becky is Chris' sister (and now my sister) and my bridesmaid.  She came in from St. Louis for all the wedding events.
 Becky, me, Maggie, Mary Carol and Kelley (my best friend and maid of honor, in from Austin)

 More dancing
 Becky is really tall compared to the rest of us.  It was a great time with very special gals!

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