Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let the Honeymoon Begin

And when I say "Let the Honeymoon Begin," I mean, "Let the rest of our lives begin..."

Chris and I are back from our WONDERFUL honeymoon and we had an amazing time.

Now we will spend a week in Michigan with my family, and then a week in St. Louis with Chris' family before we head back to Colorado for find a place to live and start another school year.

I have plenty to write about the beautiful and perfect wedding and relaxing honeymoon, but for now, I will just share the first of the pictures from our photographers.

On our photographers' blog is a preview post Brooke & Chris.  Check out a preview of these wonderful pictures.

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  1. i LOVE your veil! also, sounds silly but where did you get married like the city because the lighthouse in the background looks similar to one in michigan I was just looking at when I was looking for beaches to go to while we are there in a week! I think it was in Charlevoix I saw it!


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