Monday, June 21, 2010

June Fun in Saint Louis

Here are posted some pictures from my recent trip to Saint Louis.
Here Chris and I are on a hike:
We went catfish fishing at his Grandparent's house. Notice the dark clouds... it rained from the moment we cast our fist line for the entire time we fished.
I kept hearing of some grand daddy catfishes in this pound... but this is all we caught:
Can you tell from this picture that it is pouring down rain and we are soaked... because it is pouring down rain in this picture and we are soaked!
This is Chris' dog nephew, Jazz. By the end of the week, his sister was calling Jazz my new boyfriend because we loved to play together.
He's a Great Dane, and so we appropriately saw the movie, "Marmaduke." It was cute and made more funny by the fact that Jazz is a playful, mischievious, and lovable Great Dane, like Maraduke.
Chris and I did the Anheuser Busch tour... and we thought it was funny that the tour guides looked like they were in middle school -- maybe all the tour guides are underage to keep guides from over-sampling?!?!? Just an idea.
Beautiful and Famous Anheuser Busch Clydesdale...

I like this picture with our reflections. The guide commented about how old this building is... and said that the building is old enough to have seen the Cubs win the World Series -- Cubs v. Cardinal animosity runs very deep in this town.
Quite the family portrait
Notice this assembly line... 1950 and 1650 cans PER MINUTE!!!!
Like at a winery, we got some beer samples at the end of the tour. I really like the glasses with their emblem.
I found it really interesting that the Saint Louis Anheuser Busch factory survived during the depression by manufacturing ice cream, breakfast drinks, soda pop, syrup and baker's yeast. Because the plant remained open and creative, they were ready to reinstate beer production as soon as the ban on alcohol was lifted -- they delivered some of the first legal beer after prohibition to influential lawmakers who worked hard to lift the ban. I love American ingenuity! However you feel about drinking, I think one must admit that shows great creativity and resourcefulness.
Cardinals game v. the Seattle Mariners in Busch Stadium

See the Arch behind us?

This was Pujols' hit that WE thought was a home run... but it hit the guy's glove, so it was a double. But check out my shot... I think this is a cool picture.Some of Chris' family with whom we went to the game. His Aunt Sharon (left), Aunt Nancy (next to me), and sister and brother-in-law, Beck and Daniel.
A better one of the group. Back: Daniel, me, Chris; Front: Nancy, Becky, Sharon.
After the game, we got famous Ted Drewes frozen custard.
Jazz really liked the steaming dry ice that came with the frozen custard.
My last day in St. Louis, Chris and his mom and I did a tour of Grant Farm (as in President Ulises S. Grant, who commanded the Union Army during the Civil war). The farm is now owned by Anheuser Busch and is sort of like a free-roaming zoo.
Here we are in the train:This macaw did his impression of the eagle Anheuser Busch logo.
When I left St. Louis, Chris texted me this picture of him saying "I miss you." He's so handsome!
Lexie greeted me home. I love her!

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  1. Looks like you are definitely having fun.

  2. Okay Sweetie, When you were in MO did they say pound instead of pond???? I know they are south so maybe that is what it sounded like but the word is pond:) Love, Momma P.S. Loved the pics!


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