Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adventures Coast to Coast

Where I am: Sitting in a small town restaurant in Crescent City, CA (I definately just started typing that sentence and had to ask our waitress where we are before I could finish it).

Where I've been: EVERYWHERE: (Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa before the trip started,) Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California... so far

What I've done: Thirteen baseball games in different stadiums (two were cut due to travel logistics) and amazing activities all along the way including but not limited to: New York City traffic, visiting family I haven't seen in years, touring Fenway Park, Fourth of July in small town Freeport Maine, shopping at LL Bean, chasing crabs and catching lobsters in the Atlantic Ocean, eating cheesesteaks in Phillie, a diner in Southern Missouri that throws hot dinner rolls at you, a steakhouse in Amarillo Texas that challenges you to eat a 72oz steak and sides in an hour and you get it free, Petrified Wood National Park, sliding down a natural rock water slide in a river in Arizona, surprising my grandmother in Phoenix, a wine tour in Southern California, eating a sundae in Ghirardelli Square, watching eight bears (four of them cubs) in Sequoia National Park, zipping into Yosemite National Park, driving through a tree, falling down a hill while trying to go to the bathroom, watching Elk graze in Redwood National Park, dipping my toes in the Pacific Ocean, watching seals sun themselves on docks in Northern California, feeding seagulls the cheerios we hadn't eaten the whole trip... we've also spent seven nights sleeping in the car... one night in Ohio, two in a row along Route 66, FOUR in a row in California (that was rough)... and we'll be in the car again tonight.

What's next: Visiting my brother and his family in Seattle and another baseball game and then the road trip from Seattle back to the center of the country...

When my brother heard we had slept in the car for four nights in a row he said, "Well, Brooke, you're in luck. We have an extra car so you and Chris can each have your own cars to sleep in while you're here."

My dinner is here and we've got to get back on the road. Look for more regular posts about the trip when it's over next week.

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