Monday, April 13, 2009

"Woman On A Mission"

In the small elementary school where I serve as the preschool director, it is not infrequent to see me scampering through the hallways. I say scampering because students aren't supposed to run in the hallways and I set a very poor example. When I'm trotting to and from various errands around the school, I always feel as though I should already be there and back from the given task. My feet simply cannot move fast enough around that little school.

I'm still considered the "new preschool director" but my enthusiasm, my choice of outfits, and the scampering I do around the school has made me known amongst my colleagues during these past few months.

Last week, as I power-walked past a fellow teacher, she said, "You look like a woman on a mission." As soon as she said this, I took in her words for much more than the friendly greeting she offered and thought, "I want to be a woman on a mission. I want every day, for my entire life to be a woman on a mission. Every day I want to be a woman on God's mission."

I have been reading through "A Place of Quiet Rest" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and learning with increasing intensity the power, peace and joy of beginning every morning with my Lord. Ironically, I'm finding myself much more faithful in my time with God on weekday mornings than I am on weekends. I need God's strength in my work and, more importantly, in my spirit every day I fulfill my work in the preschool... weekends seem to require less strength and therefore less urgency about my time with God. Pray with me that my time with the Lord will become all the more precious on weekend mornings when I can seek Him without a time limit.

In chapter 6 of "A Place of Quiet Rest", Nancy Leigh DeMoss quotes seventeenth-century preacher Lewis Bayly,
"... O man, remember that thy life is but short, and that all this business is but for the use of this short life; but salvation or damnation is everlasting! Rise up, therefore, every morning by so much time the earlier: defraud thy foggy flesh of so much sleep; but rob not thy soul of her food, nor God of His service; and serve the Almighty duly whilst though hast time and health."

I wish for God to create me every day to be a woman, His woman on a mission.


  1. You know me and mornings-I have desired this for years, and God has helped me to get where I am. It used to be a LOT worse, trust me. In the morning, especially every time I see the sun rise, I cannot help but be reminded that this day, indeed this morning, His mercies are new. In the newness of the day His presence is so near, as if I have only to breathe deeply for Him to fill me. It's kinda funny but I am the opposite of you as to when I spend time with God. On the weekends I am before Him when I wake up for a long time, but during the week I get up and start running before I brush my teeth. We can agree together that God will enable us to seek Him as we ought!



  2. Thank you for such an honest reflection... be strong and diligent in your walk... err scampering with the Lord. Thank you for sharing!

    I miss you!


  3. Thank you for such an honest reflection. You are an encouragement to me. Stay strong and steadfast in your walk... err scampering with the Lord. Thank you for sharing.

    Miss you,



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